Gravity Check

The world’s first après-ride apparel Brand

“Gravity Check is a new bike apparel company whose  focus is on the time you spend off of your bike. Many cyclists are easily identifiable in casual situations by their incessant helmet-hair and permanently cuffed right pant leg,  you only have to look to sports like surfing, golf, tennis, running, etc., to see similar examples.”
“Fashion meets fashion that you would wear to the mall and wear. Oh wait, it has cycling function? Sign me up now.  Gravity Check Cycling and Lifestyle Clothing”
“I like how Gravity Check integrated an iPod holder and earphone cord tabs into their t-shirts. Yes, I’m totally cool with people riding with music as long as it’s done safely and in the right conditions…and it looks like the guys from Gravity Check agree.”

Wie zijn wij?

Gravity Check™ is ‘s werelds eerste après-ride kledingmerk, een uniek synergy in esthetisch fietsen en de laatste trends uit de fashion industrie.

Onze seizoens collecties zijn ontworpen om te voldoen aan lifestyle behoeften van wielrenners en mountainbikers. Gravity Check brengt fiets belevenis naar modieuze-, comfortabelekleding, innovatie kenmerken en slimme details waarin de fietser zich mee kan identificeren.